Trade-ins for iPhone 6 May Break Records

Anthony_Beyer iPhone   It has been rumored that Apple will debut the iPhone 6 on September 9th at a media event in San Francisco. This makes it the perfect time to trade in your old iPhone. To help you with this process a lot of smaller online names are rushing to offer the best deal for taking your old iPhone in. Here are some online retailers offering deals to trade in your old Apple mobile device


Sources say that Ebay will be offering a $100 coupon to US sellers who are unable to sell their old iPhones between Sept 1and Oct 24th.


Next worth has teamed up with major retail company that allows people to trade in their old iPhones in exchange for a Target gift card. You currently can trade in an old iPhone 5s in exchange for up to $259 as long as it's free from malfunctions and without a cracked screen

On iPhone-related traffic has more than double from last year's lead-up to the iPhone 5s and 5c launch.If you're hoping to get the most for your old iPhone, this is the best time to cash out; especially this year with so many other used iPhones hitting the market. Glyde currently suggests a sales price of $413 for a used Verizon 64GB iPhone 5s, and that is down from a price of $487 the site was suggesting just a week ago.

The Top 5 iPhone 6 Rumors

We all know by know that the iPhone 6 is coming soon, but the question is when and how will it look? With speculation running high, Apple and tech addicts have been waiting anxiously to see when Apple will make it's next big announcement to the world. Here are the top rumors circulating about the iPhone 6 release. 1. The standard 4inch model iPhone is expected to see an increase in size to a 4.7-inch size. 2. Rumors of a 5.5-inch model have also circulated in the tech sphere suggesting that Apple is trying to keep up with the evolving Android world. A Phablet in the works maybe? 3.  A slimmer design and possible curved screens. 4. Touch ID: A finger print sensor currently featured on the iPhone 5. 5. Sapphire Screen: A scratch resistant screen currently featured on the iPhone 5s and iOS